Hi, I'm Cameron

I like building software (Android Apps, Ethereum Dapps, Web Apps), surfing at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, reading, and listening to music. I previously worked for JPMorgan, Stitcher Podcasts, Deezer Music, and most recently, Frankly Inc. In case you want to contact me, message me on twitter @cvoell. I'm @cameronvoell on GitHub.


Proof of Read Token

(see https://github.com/cameronvoell/proof-of-read-token)

Detected Network:
SMS Verification Required:
Your Proof of Read Token Balance:

To Claim Proof of Read Tokens from Above Articles:

1. Download the Metamask Browser Extension for Chrome(link) or Firefox(link).
2. Switch to an account in Metamask the fulfills one of the two following qualification:
a) Ethereum Beginner - Account has TEST Ether on the Rinkeby test network obtained easily through the active Rinkeby TEST Eth "Faucet"
b) Eth Advanced - Account has real Ether on the main network, and has been SMS verified using the accounts page in Parity

* For more information read article #2 above.